Codon adaptation index as a measure of dominating codon bias
Applying signal theory to the analysis of biomolecules
Development of an integrated laboratory information management system for the maize mapping project
A novel strategy for microarray quality control using Bayesian networks
Inferring protein interactions from phylogenetic distance matrices
Extraction of protein interaction information from unstructured text using a context-free grammar
Protein structural class identification directly from NMR spectra using averaged chemical shifts*
Venn Mapping : clustering of heterologous microarray data based on the number of co-occurring differentially expressed genes
Linear regression and two-class classification with gene expression data
Markovian negentropies in bioinformatics. 1. A picture of footprints after the interaction of the HIV-1 Ψ-RNA packaging region with drugs
A Bayesian missing value estimation method for gene expression profile data
Kernel hierarchical gene clustering from microarray expression data
iMap : a database-driven utility to integrate and access the genetic and physical maps of maize
Inhomogeneous molecular density : reference packing densities and distribution of cavities within proteins
A new sequence distance measure for phylogenetic tree construction
An unsupervised hierarchical dynamic self-organizing approach to cancer class discovery and marker gene identification in microarray data
SNP cherry picker : maximizing the chance of finding an association with a disease SNP
MetaFluxNet : the management of metabolic reaction information and quantitative metabolic flux analysis
LDA—a java-based linkage disequilibrium analyzer
The UAB Proteomics Database
RED-T : utilizing the Ratios of Evolutionary Distances for determination of alternative phylogenetic events
Pathway studio—the analysis and navigation of molecular networks
GARBAN : genomic analysis and rapid biological annotation of cDNA microarray and proteomic data
RankViaContact : ranking and visualization of amino acid contacts
Electrophoretic data classification for phylogenetics and biostatistics