Silent DNA : speaking RNA language?
Disease-associated variants in PYPAF1 and NOD2 result in similar alterations of conserved sequence
Early bioinformatics : the birth of a discipline—a personal view
Automatic design of gene-specific sequence tags for genome-wide functional studies
A comparative study of machine-learning methods to predict the effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms on protein function
MGraph : graphical models for microarray data analysis
Linking the growth inhibition response from the National Cancer Institute's anticancer screen to gene expression levels and other molecular target data
In silico analysis reveals substantial variability in the gene contents of the gamma proteobacteria LexA-regulon
Parametric alignment of ordered trees
A simple and efficient algorithm for gene selection using sparse logistic regression
Normality of oligonucleotide microarray data and implications for parametric statistical analyses
Towards the in silico identification of class II restricted T-cell epitopes : a partial least squares iterative self-consistent algorithm for affinity prediction
Sensitivity and specificity of inferring genetic regulatory interactions from microarray experiments with dynamic Bayesian networks
Metabolomics spectral formatting, alignment and conversion tools (MSFACTs)
Efficient remote homology detection using local structure
Missing-value estimation using linear and non-linear regression with Bayesian gene selection
PDB file parser and structure class implemented in Python
TSGDB : a database system for tumor suppressor genes
MASV—Multiple (BLAST) Annotation System Viewer
GeneHuggers : database mining and application connectivity tools for subsequence analyses of the human genome
Bio WareDB : the biomedical software and database search engine
Gene Expression Dynamics Inspector (GEDI) : for integrative analysis of expression profiles
BLAST++ : BLASTing queries in batches
libsequence : a C++ class library for evolutionary genetic analysis
PreP : gene expression data pre-processing
NCL : a C++ class library for interpreting data files in NEXUS format
MetaGeneAlyse : analysis of integrated transcriptional and metabolite data