Twelve C2H2 zinc-finger genes on human chromosome 19 can be each translated into the same type of protein after frameshifts
Identifying periodically expressed transcripts in microarray time series data
Prediction of protein subcellular locations using fuzzy k-NN method
Efficient filtering methods for clustering cDNAs with spliced sequence alignment
Protein β-turn prediction using nearest-neighbor method
Light-weight integration of molecular biological databases
An Iterated loop matching approach to the prediction of RNA secondary structures with pseudoknots
Distribution of words with a predefined range of mismatches to a DNA probe in bacterial genomes
Adaptive stochastic-deterministic chemical kinetic simulations
A global test for groups of genes
A generalized likelihood ratio test to identify differentially expressed genes from microarray data
Adjustment of systematic microarray data biases
Essentiality and damage in metabolic networks
HOMGL—comparing genelists across species and with different accession numbers
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The Genomic Threading Database
TM or not TM