Guest Editor Preface : Plant & Animal Genome (PAG) Meeting Bioinformatics Session Paper Competition
A strategy for assembling the maize (Zea mays L.) genome
Multi-species comparative mapping in silico using the COMPASS strategy
Transposable element annotation of the rice genome
Computational identification of novel chitinase-like proteins in the Drosophila melanogaster genome
Phylogenomic inference of protein molecular function : advances and challenges
A comparative phylogenetic approach for dating whole genome duplication events
Prediction of locally stable RNA secondary structures for genome-wide surveys
Shared relationship analysis : ranking set cohesion and commonalities within a literature-derived relationship network
Limited conformational space for early-stage protein folding simulation
Comparative evaluation of word composition distances for the recognition of SCOP relationships
GAPSCORE : finding gene and protein names one word at a time
Minimal cut sets in biochemical reaction networks
An empirical bayes adjustment to increase the sensitivity of detecting differentially expressed genes in microarray experiments
Graph-based clustering for finding distant relationships in a large set of protein sequences
Is cross-validation better than resubstitution for ranking genes?
Formalization of mouse embryo anatomy
The Helmholtz Network for Bioinformatics : an integrative web portal for bioinformatics resources
ROSO : optimizing oligonucleotide probes for microarrays
LVB : parsimony and simulated annealing in the search for phylogenetic trees
PGTdb : a database providing growth temperatures of prokaryotes
JDotter : a Java interface to multiple dotplots generated by dotter
FGDP : functional genomics data pipeline for automated, multiple microarray data analyses
YETI : Yeast Exploration Tool Integrator
EST-PAGE—managing and analyzing EST data
APE : Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution in R language
AnaGram : protein function assignment
A novel approach to fold recognition using sequence-derived properties from sets of structurally similar local fragments of proteins