Translational polymorphism as a potential source of plant proteins variety in Arabidopsis thaliana
A simple fold with variations
RAD and the RAD Study-Annotator
Rapid and sensitive dot-matrix methods for genome analysis
Mismatch string kernels for discriminative protein classification
Analysis and prediction of DNA-binding proteins and their binding residues based on composition, sequence and structural information
Inverse modeling using multi-block PLS to determine the environmental conditions that provide optimal cellular function
Comparison of Li–Wong and loglinear mixed models for the statistical analysis of oligonucleotide arrays
Tailored gene array databases
Reducing the variability in cDNA microarray image processing by Bayesian inference
Fundamentals of massive automatic pairwise alignments of protein sequences
A multi-algorithm, multi-timescale method for cell simulation
Predicting subcellular localization of proteins using machine-learned classifiers
Automated extraction of mutation data from the literature
Enrichment of transcriptional regulatory sites in non-coding genomic region
CHOISS for selection of single nucleotide polymorphism markers on interval regularity
Support vector machine classification on the web
The PCR Suite