Alu repeat analysis in the complete human genome: trends and variations with respect to genomic composition
Quality of alignment comparison by COMPASS improves with inclusion of diverse confident homologs
ESPD: a pattern detection model underlying gene expression profiles
Comparative analysis of algorithms for signal quantitation from oligonucleotide microarrays
Fold-specific substitution matrices for protein classification
Gene selection for oligonucleotide array: an approach using PM probe level data
Optimizing substitution matrices by separating score distributions
Approximate geodesic distances reveal biologically relevant structures in microarray data
On the significance of sequence alignments when using multiple scoring matrices
Modeling the relationship between LVAD support time and gene expression changes in the human heart by penalized partial least squares
Mapping gene ontology to proteins based on protein–protein interaction data
Predicting the linkage sites in glycoproteins using bio-basis function neural network
Modeling within-motif dependence for transcription factor binding site predictions
Gaussian mixture clustering and imputation of microarray data
External control in Markovian genetic regulatory networks: the imperfect information case
mdclust—exploratory microarray analysis by multidimensional clustering
The Hera database and its use in the characterization of endoplasmic reticulum proteins
Finding coexpressed genes in counts-based data: an improved measure with validation experiments
Visualization of near-optimal sequence alignments
Identification of optimal classification functions for biological sample and state discrimination from metabolic profiling data
Sequence analysis and membrane partitioning energies of α-helical antimicrobial peptides
SQUARE—determining reliable regions in sequence alignments
GelScape: a web-based server for interactively annotating, manipulating, comparing and archiving 1D and 2D gel images
Ontologizing gene-expression microarray data: characterizing clusters with Gene Ontology
A rapid method for illustrating features in both coding and non-coding regions of a genome
Exploring genome architecture through GOV: a WWW-based gene order visualizer
PDBSprotEC: a Web-accessible database linking PDB chains to EC numbers via SwissProt
AmpliBASE MT™: a Mycobacterium tuberculosis diversity knowledgebase