Probabilistic inference of molecular networks from noisy data sources
A metric model of amino acid substitution
Bayesian mixture model based clustering of replicated microarray data
dChipSNP: significance curve and clustering of SNP-array-based loss-of-heterozygosity data
Growing genetic regulatory networks from seed genes
Poorly conserved ORFs in the genome of the archaea Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 correspond to expressed proteins
Correction of sequence-based artifacts in serial analysis of gene expression
Automated ordering of fingerprinted clones
Analysing microarray data using modular regulation analysis
RAG: RNA-As-Graphs database—concepts, analysis, and features
Prediction of Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein functional class from functional domain composition
A comparison of scoring functions for protein sequence profile alignment
COACH: profile–profile alignment of protein families using hidden Markov models
Cellware—a multi-algorithmic software for computational systems biology
ConSeq: the identification of functionally and structurally important residues in protein sequences
2LD, GENECOUNTING and HAP: computer programs for linkage disequilibrium analysis
CVD: the intestinal crypt/villus in situ hybridization database
eF-site and PDBjViewer: database and viewer for protein functional sites
WebVar: a resource for the rapid estimation of relative site variability from multiple sequence alignments