Automatic prediction of protein domains from sequence information using a hybrid learning system
Modeling T-cell activation using gene expression profiling and state-space models
A hint to search for metalloproteins in gene banks
Analysis of disturbed images
Improved prediction of MHC class I and class II epitopes using a novel Gibbs sampling approach
PartiGene—constructing partial genomes
Spectral Repeat Finder (SRF): identification of repetitive sequences using Fourier transformation
PINdb: a database of nuclear protein complexes from human and yeast
Enhanced homology searching through genome reading frame predetermination
Align-m—a new algorithm for multiple alignment of highly divergent sequences
Analysis of variance components in gene expression data
galaxie—CGI scripts for sequence identification through automated phylogenetic analysis
Open source clustering software
CNplot: visualizing pre-clustered networks
GeneAnnot: comprehensive two-way linking between oligonucleotide array probesets and GeneCards genes
ParSeq: searching motifs with structural and biochemical properties
NetAffx Gene Ontology Mining Tool: a visual approach for microarray data analysis
GOstat: find statistically overrepresented Gene Ontologies within a group of genes
TANDEM: matching proteins with tandem mass spectra
Site2genome: locating short DNA sequences in whole genomes
ToPNet—an application for interactive analysis of expression data and biological networks
GeneSyn: a tool for detecting conserved gene order across genomes
Simple sequence repeat marker loci discovery using SSR primer
WebSIDD: server for predicting stress-induced duplex destabilized (SIDD) sites in superhelical DNA