German Conference on Bioinformatics 2003 (GCB'03)
Regional and time-resolved mutation patterns of the human genome
Using convex hulls to extract interaction interfaces from known structures
Threshold extraction in metabolite concentration data
Conserved RNA secondary structures in viral genomes: a survey
Gene expression analysis on biochemical networks using the Potts spin model
Bifurcation analysis of the regulatory modules of the mammalian G1/S transition
Recognition of multiple patterns in unaligned sets of sequences: comparison of kernel clustering method with other methods
New methods for joint analysis of biological networks and expression data
Efficient similarity search in protein structure databases by k-clique hashing
Gap statistics for whole genome shotgun DNA sequencing projects
Evaluation and optimization of clustering in gene expression data analysis
Combining partial order alignment and progressive multiple sequence alignment increases alignment speed and scalability to very large alignment problems
BioOptimizer: a Bayesian scoring function approach to motif discovery
A perturbation-based method for calculating explicit likelihood of evolutionary co-variance in multiple sequence alignments
Evaluating the predictability of conformational switching in RNA
An object model and database for functional genomics
A graph theoretical approach for predicting common RNA secondary structure motifs including pseudoknots in unaligned sequences
Protein secondary structure: entropy, correlations and prediction
Protein backbone angle prediction with machine learning approaches
Development of joint application strategies for two microbial gene finders
Common structural patterns in human genes
QDist—quartet distance between evolutionary trees
Application of the GA/KNN method to SELDI proteomics data
VARAN: a web server for Variability Analysis of DNA microarray experiments
Amplicon: software for designing PCR primers on aligned DNA sequences
OBIYagns: a grid-based biochemical simulator with a parameter estimator
SeqExpress: desktop analysis and visualization tool for gene expression experiments
matchprobes: a Bioconductor package for the sequence-matching of microarray probe elements