Mathematical characterization of three-dimensional gene expression patterns
Mixture models for assessing differential expression in complex tissues using microarray data
Decoupling dynamical systems for pathway identification from metabolic profiles
Protein homology detection using string alignment kernels
Fuzzy J-Means and VNS methods for clustering genes from microarray data
Why neural networks should not be used for HIV-1 protease cleavage site prediction
Primer design using genetic algorithm
Sight: automating genomic data-mining without programming skills
An a posteriori strategy for enhancing gene discovery in anonymous cDNA microarray experiments
Robust PCA and classification in biosciences
Improving false discovery rate estimation
Efficient sampling algorithm for estimating subgraph concentrations and detecting network motifs
Omic space: coordinate-based integration and analysis of genomic phenomic interactions
Correcting the loss of cell-cycle synchrony in clustering analysis of microarray data using weights
Normalization of single-channel DNA array data by principal component analysis
MITOPRED: a genome-scale method for prediction of nucleus-encoded mitochondrial proteins
A general computational model of mitochondrial metabolism in a whole organelle scale
GeneCluster 2.0: an advanced toolset for bioarray analysis
HMMGEP: clustering gene expression data using hidden Markov models
Structural exon database, SEDB, mapping exon boundaries on multiple protein structures
Genomic data visualization on the Web
TOPALi: software for automatic identification of recombinant sequences within DNA multiple alignments
FunMap: functional mapping of complex traits
Visualization for genomics: the Microbial Genome Viewer
CisML: an XML-based format for sequence motif detection software
A Web-based design center for vector-based siRNA and siRNA cassette