SAD—a normalized structural alignment database: improving sequence–structure alignments
Proteins associated with diseases show enhanced sequence correlation between charged residues
Supertree algorithms for ancestral divergence dates and nested taxa
An online database for the detection of novel archaeal sequences in human ESTs
BAPS 2: enhanced possibilities for the analysis of genetic population structure
Combining pattern discovery and discriminant analysis to predict gene co-regulation
Sequence patterns derived from the automated prediction of functional residues in structurally-aligned homologous protein families
GEPIS—quantitative gene expression profiling in normal and cancer tissues
PUNS: transcriptomic- and genomic-in silico PCR for enhanced primer design
Algorithms for sequence analysis via mutagenesis
Explicit formulation of different receptor–G-protein interactions and effector regulation
How independent are the appearances of n-mers in different genomes?
A comparative study of feature selection and multiclass classification methods for tissue classification based on gene expression
Analysis of longitudinal metabolomics data
Metabolite fingerprinting: detecting biological features by independent component analysis
YAdumper: extracting and translating large information volumes from relational databases to structured flat files
An interactive triple-helical collagen builder
POLYVIEW: a flexible visualization tool for structural and functional annotations of proteins
Pedro: a configurable data entry tool for XML
HPID: The Human Protein Interaction Database
PerlPrimer: cross-platform, graphical primer design for standard, bisulphite and real-time PCR
G-PRIMER: greedy algorithm for selecting minimal primer set
The SRS 3D module: integrating structures, sequences and features
Data mining in bioinformatics using Weka
The PDB-Preview database: a repository of in-silico models of ‘on-hold’ PDB entries
SIMCOAL 2.0: a program to simulate genomic diversity over large recombining regions in a subdivided population with a complex history
Sfixem—graphical sequence feature display in Java
GenomeMixer: a complex genetic cross simulator