Recombination Analysis Tool (RAT): a program for the high-throughput detection of recombination
Detecting overlapping coding sequences with pairwise alignments
Genome Properties: a system for the investigation of prokaryotic genetic content for microbiology, genome annotation and comparative genomics
Similarity of position frequency matrices for transcription factor binding sites
Discovery of stable and significant binding motif pairs from PDB complexes and protein interaction datasets
Dual-genome primer design for construction of DNA microarrays
Evaluating putative chimeric sequences from PCR-amplified products
A more efficient search strategy for aging genes based on connectivity
A Bayesian approach to reconstructing genetic regulatory networks with hidden factors
Simulation tools for biochemical networks: evaluation of performance and usability
Iterative Cluster Analysis of Protein Interaction Data
The Los Alamos hepatitis C sequence database
SNPbox: a modular software package for large-scale primer design
Tracker: continuous HMMER and BLAST searching
Clann: investigating phylogenetic information through supertree analyses
The SSEA server for protein secondary structure alignment
Microarray data mining with visual programming
BarleyExpress: a web-based submission tool for enriched microarray database annotations
SNAP: workbench management tool for evolutionary population genetic analysis
easyLINKAGE: a PERL script for easy and automated two-/multi-point linkage analyses
Human–Mouse Gene Searcher: a tool to assist discovery of malformation-associated genes by using phenotype databases
iPfam: visualization of protein–protein interactions in PDB at domain and amino acid resolutions
VizRank: finding informative data projections in functional genomics by machine learning
Capturing biological information with class–responsibility–collaboration cards
PhenomicDB: a multi-species genotype/phenotype database for comparative phenomics