Clustering of diverse genomic data using information fusion
An architecture for biological information extraction and representation
Multidimensional support vector machines for visualization of gene expression data
Finding differentially expressed genes for pattern generation
An integrated tool for microarray data clustering and cluster validity assessment
RAxML-III: a fast program for maximum likelihood-based inference of large phylogenetic trees
Improving genome annotations using phylogenetic profile anomaly detection
Prediction of splice sites with dependency graphs and their expanded bayesian networks
SPAAN: a software program for prediction of adhesins and adhesin-like proteins using neural networks
An experimental evaluation of a loop versus a reference design for two-channel microarrays
VarMixt: efficient variance modelling for the differential analysis of replicated gene expression data
Identifying time-lagged gene clusters using gene expression data
Statistical methods of translating microarray data into clinically relevant diagnostic information in colorectal cancer
A semiparametric approach for marker gene selection based on gene expression data
Circular genome visualization and exploration using CGView
wEMBOSS: a web interface for EMBOSS
tPatternHunter: gapped, fast and sensitive translated homology search
Online synonymous codon usage analyses with the ade4 and seqinR packages
TFExplorer: integrated analysis database for predicted transcription regulatory elements
Seq2Struct: a resource for establishing sequence-structure links
arrayMagic: two-colour cDNA microarray quality control and preprocessing
MAP-O-MAT: internet-based linkage mapping
Modelling cellular systems with PySCeS