OCRE: a novel domain made of imperfect, aromatic-rich octamer repeats
Using shared genomic synteny and shared protein functions to enhance the identification of orthologous gene pairs
Comparison of different melting temperature calculation methods for short DNA sequences
Weighted analysis of microarray gene expression using maximum-likelihood
Relational patterns of gene expression via non-metric multidimensional scaling analysis
Bayesian analysis of signaling networks governing embryonic stem cell fate decisions
An empirical Bayes approach to inferring large-scale gene association networks
Reconstructing biological networks using conditional correlation analysis
An enzyme mechanism language for the mathematical modeling of metabolic pathways
An efficient Monte Carlo approach to assessing statistical significance in genomic studies
Inferring pathways from gene lists using a literature-derived network of biological relationships
GLAD: a system for developing and deploying large-scale bioinformatics grid
Expression-based monitoring of transcription factor activity: the TELiS database
TRbase: a database relating tandem repeats to disease genes for the human genome
ParIS Genome Rearrangement server
CGH-Explorer: a program for analysis of array-CGH data
The SBW–MATLAB interface
COBrA: a bio-ontology editor
PDZBase: a protein–protein interaction database for PDZ-domains
GOChase: correcting errors from Gene Ontology-based annotations for gene products
The MIPS mammalian protein–protein interaction database
OMGProm: a database of orthologous mammalian gene promoters