Optimization of cDNA-AFLP experiments using genomic sequence data
An algorithm for identification of bacterial selenocysteine insertion sequence elements and selenoprotein genes
A bioinformatic screen for novel A–I RNA editing sites reveals recoding editing in BC10
Tree pattern matching in phylogenetic trees: automatic search for orthologs or paralogs in homologous gene sequence databases
A periodicity analysis of transmembrane helices
Pair stochastic tree adjoining grammars for aligning and predicting pseudoknot RNA structures
The properties of protein family space depend on experimental design
Promoter modeling: the case study of mammalian histone promoters
Determining functional specificity from protein sequences
A boosting approach for motif modeling using ChIP-chip data
Mining SARS-CoV protease cleavage data using non-orthogonal decision trees: a novel method for decisive template selection
Genetic algorithm-based optimization of hydrophobicity tables
Identification of transcription factor binding sites with variable-order Bayesian networks
Fold recognition by combining profile–profile alignment and support vector machine
A robust neural networks approach for spatial and intensity-dependent normalization of cDNA microarray data
A practical false discovery rate approach to identifying patterns of differential expression in microarray data
Multiclass cancer classification and biomarker discovery using GA-based algorithms
A new measure of the robustness of biochemical networks
Inferring genetic regulatory logic from expression data
AgentCell: a digital single-cell assay for bacterial chemotaxis
Noise-induced cooperative behavior in a multicell system
Correlation between gene expression profiles and protein–protein interactions within and across genomes
Modularized learning of genetic interaction networks from biological annotations and mRNA expression data
MaSTerClass: a case-based reasoning system for the classification of biomedical terms
Literature mining and database annotation of protein phosphorylation using a rule-based system
Common denominator procedure: a novel approach to gene-expression data mining for identification of phenotype-specific genes
Formalizing concepts of species, sex and developmental stage in anatomical ontologies
ROBIN: a tool for genome rearrangement of block-interchanges
seq++: analyzing biological sequences with a range of Markov-related models
GandrKB—ontological microarray annotation and visualization
GOR V server for protein secondary structure prediction
MADE4: an R package for multivariate analysis of gene expression data
VariScan: Analysis of evolutionary patterns from large-scale DNA sequence polymorphism data
POSBIOTM—NER: a trainable biomedical named-entity recognition system