SynBrowse: a synteny browser for comparative sequence analysis
A precise and scalable method for querying genes in chromosomal banding regions based on cytogenetic annotations
A parsimonious tree-grow method for haplotype inference
The inference of protein–protein interactions by co-evolutionary analysis is improved by excluding the information about the phylogenetic relationships
Discrimination of yeast genes involved in methionine and phosphate metabolism on the basis of upstream motifs
A heuristic approach for detecting RNA H-type pseudoknots
Improving sequence-based fold recognition by using 3D model quality assessment
Consensus shapes: an alternative to the Sankoff algorithm for RNA consensus structure prediction
Analysis of dose–response effects on gene expression data with comparison of two microarray platforms
Increased power of microarray analysis by use of an algorithm based on a multivariate procedure
A statistical model for HIV-1 sequence classification using the subtype analyser (STAR)
A multicellular systems biology model predicts epidermal morphology, kinetics and Ca2+ flow
Local modeling of global interactome networks
Rapid simulation and analysis of isotopomer distributions using constraints based on enzyme mechanisms: an example from HT29 cancer cells
easyLINKAGE-Plus—automated linkage analyses using large-scale SNP data
TICO: a tool for improving predictions of prokaryotic translation initiation sites
P-cats: prediction of catalytic residues in proteins from their tertiary structures
MAVisto: a tool for the exploration of network motifs
goCluster integrates statistical analysis and functional interpretation of microarray expression data
Automated Microarray Image Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB
TO-GO: a Java-based Gene Ontology navigation environment
Applying GIFT, a Gene Interactions Finder in Text, to fly literature
DBToolkit: processing protein databases for peptide-centric proteomics