Assessing the application of Ka/Ks ratio test to alternatively spliced exons
Pairwise alignment incorporating dipeptide covariation
Motif-based protein ranking by network propagation
CHORAL: a differential geometry approach to the prediction of the cores of protein structures
Robust accurate identification of peptides (RAId): deciphering MS2 data using a structured library search with de novo based statistics
Statistical challenges in the analysis of two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis experiments using DeCyder™
Analysis of recursive gene selection approaches from microarray data
Accounting for probe-level noise in principal component analysis of microarray data
A protocol for building and evaluating predictors of disease state based on microarray data
Comparative analysis of algorithms for identifying amplifications and deletions in array CGH data
Two-stage designs for experiments with a large number of hypotheses
A hybrid machine-learning approach for segmentation of protein localization data
Automated genome annotation and pathway identification using the KEGG Orthology (KO) as a controlled vocabulary
pIQPNNI: parallel reconstruction of large maximum likelihood phylogenies
An automated genotyping system for analysis of HIV-1 and other microbial sequences
Phylogenetic trees: visualizing, customizing and detecting incongruence
NdPASA: a pairwise sequence alignment server for distantly related proteins
CoGenT++: an extensive and extensible data environment for computational genomics