Detection of DNA copy number alterations using penalized least squares regression
Identification of coding and non-coding sequences using local Hölder exponent formalism
Statistical evaluation of pairwise protein sequence comparison with the Bayesian bootstrap
Combining phylogenetic motif discovery and motif clustering to predict co-regulated genes
Shifting and scaling patterns from gene expression data
Complex networks approach to gene expression driven phenotype imaging
Detecting single-feature polymorphisms using oligonucleotide arrays and robustified projection pursuit
Identifying genes from up–down properties of microarray expression series
Bias in the estimation of false discovery rate in microarray studies
SPLINDID: a semi-parametric, model-based method for obtaining transcription rates and gene regulation parameters from genomic and proteomic expression profiles
A statistical model providing comprehensive predictions for the mRNA differential display
Non-linear PCA: a missing data approach
Simple decision rules for classifying human cancers from gene expression profiles
Robust prostate cancer marker genes emerge from direct integration of inter-study microarray data
Modified SIMPSON O(n 3) algorithm for the full sibship reconstruction problem
Oligonucleotide properties determination and primer designing: a critical examination of predictions
Structure clustering features on the Sfold Web server
The SuMo server: 3D search for protein functional sites
MESHI: a new library of Java classes for molecular modeling
ORIOGEN: order restricted inference for ordered gene expression data
PAWE-3D: visualizing power for association with error in case–control genetic studies of complex traits
HAPLOT: a graphical comparison of haplotype blocks, tagSNP sets and SNP variation for multiple populations
ROCR: visualizing classifier performance in R