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Analysis of differentially-regulated genes within a regulatory network by GPS genome navigation
A comparison study: applying segmentation to array CGH data for downstream analyses
Design of long oligonucleotide probes for functional gene detection in a microbial community
Prediction of the coupling specificity of GPCRs to four families of G-proteins using hidden Markov models and artificial neural networks
Calibrating E-values for hidden Markov models using reverse-sequence null models
Using information theory to search for co-evolving residues in proteins
Optimal word sizes for dissimilarity measures and estimation of the degree of dissimilarity between DNA sequences
ChemDB: a public database of small molecules and related chemoinformatics resources
Energy landscape of k-point mutants of an RNA molecule
Classification of microarrays to nearest centroids
DNA microarray data imputation and significance analysis of differential expression
Oligonucleotide arrays: information from replication and spatial structure
RSIR: regularized sliced inverse regression for motif discovery
Functional stoichiometric analysis of metabolic networks
SNPselector: a web tool for selecting SNPs for genetic association studies
Virtual Footprint and PRODORIC: an integrative framework for regulon prediction in prokaryotes
BADASP: predicting functional specificity in protein families using ancestral sequences
MILVA: An interactive tool for the exploration of multidimensional microarray data
Doelan: a solution for quality control monitoring of microarray production
METIS: multiple extraction techniques for informative sentences