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An attempt to define allergen-specific molecular surface features: a bioinformatic approach
Interactome-transcriptome analysis reveals the high centrality of genes differentially expressed in lung cancer tissues
Syntons, metabolons and interactons: an exact graph-theoretical approach for exploring neighbourhood between genomic and functional data
Discovering hidden viral piracy
Discrimination of outer membrane proteins using support vector machines
Bioinformatics analyses of circular dichroism protein reference databases
Profile-based direct kernels for remote homology detection and fold recognition
Pcons5: combining consensus, structural evaluation and fold recognition scores
Noise and rank-dependent geometrical filter improves sensitivity of highly specific discovery by microarrays
Sample size determination for the false discovery rate
The influence of missing value imputation on detection of differentially expressed genes from microarray data
A note on using permutation-based false discovery rate estimates to compare different analysis methods for microarray data
Improved approach for proteochemometrics modeling: application to organic compound—amine G protein-coupled receptor interactions
Mapping PDB chains to UniProtKB entries
GARSA: genomic analysis resources for sequence annotation
CREDO: a web-based tool for computational detection of conserved sequence motifs in noncoding sequences
OxfordGrid: a web interface for pairwise comparative map views
HapSim: a simulation tool for generating haplotype data with pre-specified allele frequencies and LD coefficients
ATID: a web-oriented database for collection of publicly available alternative translational initiation events
MACiE: a database of enzyme reaction mechanisms