Bioinformatics—The new home for protein sequence motifs
PilZ domain is part of the bacterial c-di-GMP binding protein
A genotype calling algorithm for affymetrix SNP arrays
Improved spliced alignment from an information theoretic approach
A generic motif discovery algorithm for sequential data
Accurate anchoring alignment of divergent sequences
Sequence-based heuristics for faster annotation of non-coding RNA families
Inferring functional information from domain co-evolution
Using a calibration experiment to assess gene-specific information: full Bayesian and empirical Bayesian models for two-channel microarray data
Robust multi-scale clustering of large DNA microarray datasets with the consensus algorithm
Classification using functional data analysis for temporal gene expression data
Integrating time-course microarray gene expression profiles with cytotoxicity for identification of biomarkers in primary rat hepatocytes exposed to cadmium
Gene selection using support vector machines with non-convex penalty
Systematic intervention of transcription for identifying network response to disease and cellular phenotypes
BioThesaurus: a web-based thesaurus of protein and gene names
Intelligent client for integrating bioinformatics services
LogoBar: bar graph visualization of protein logos with gaps
OLIGOFAKTORY: a visual tool for interactive oligonucleotide design
A novel algorithm and web-based tool for comparing two alternative phylogenetic trees
Nexplorer: phylogeny-based exploration of sequence family data
ClaNC: point-and-click software for classifying microarrays to nearest centroids
libSRES: a C library for stochastic ranking evolution strategy for parameter estimation