Synthetic Biology: challenges ahead
‘Protein Peeling’: an approach for splitting a 3D protein structure into compact fragments
WindowMasker: window-based masker for sequenced genomes
Improved prediction of bacterial transcription start sites
A structure and evolution-guided Monte Carlo sequence selection strategy for multiple alignment-based analysis of proteins
Sequence features of DNA binding sites reveal structural class of associated transcription factor
Prediction of functional specificity determinants from protein sequences using log-likelihood ratios
An efficient randomized algorithm for contact-based NMR backbone resonance assignment
SSEP-Domain: protein domain prediction by alignment of secondary structure elements and profiles
Residue-rotamer-reduction algorithm for the protein side-chain conformation problem
The SWISS-MODEL workspace: a web-based environment for protein structure homology modelling
Classification of microarray data with factor mixture models
Elucidation of directionality for co-expressed genes: predicting intra-operon termination sites
Statistical estimation of gene expression using multiple laser scans of microarrays
An efficient comprehensive search algorithm for tagSNP selection using linkage disequilibrium criteria
Intervention in a family of Boolean networks
Pathway recognition and augmentation by computational analysis of microarray expression data
COMPAM :visualization of combining pairwise alignments for multiple genomes
PCP: a program for supervised classification of gene expression profiles
PRODISTIN Web Site: a tool for the functional classification of proteins from interaction networks
Gene Time Eχpression Warper: a tool for alignment, template matching and visualization of gene expression time series
HaptenDB: a comprehensive database of haptens, carrier proteins and anti-hapten antibodies