The ASCH superfamily: novel domains with a fold related to the PUA domain and a potential role in RNA metabolism
Lateral gene transfer of a dermonecrotic toxin between spiders and bacteria
Highly consistent patterns for inherited human diseases at the molecular level
A support vector machine-based method for predicting the propensity of a protein to be soluble or to form inclusion body on overexpression in Escherichia coli
Application of latent semantic analysis to protein remote homology detection
An extensible automated protein annotation tool: standardizing input and output using validated XML
Mean curvature as a major determinant of β-sheet propensity
Enhanced recognition of protein transmembrane domains with prediction-based structural profiles
Detecting periodic patterns in unevenly spaced gene expression time series using Lomb–Scargle periodograms
A method for predicting disease subtypes in presence of misclassification among training samples using gene expression: application to human breast cancer
Maximum significance clustering of oligonucleotide microarrays
A bi-dimensional regression tree approach to the modeling of gene expression regulation
Comparison of Bayesian and maximum-likelihood inference of population genetic parameters
Conservation analysis of large biochemical networks
DNAVis: interactive visualization of comparative genome annotations
Paircoil2: improved prediction of coiled coils from sequence
Identification of plant microRNA homologs
TRAP: automated classification, quantification and annotation of tandemly repeated sequences
apTreeshape: statistical analysis of phylogenetic tree shape
BALLView: a tool for research and education in molecular modeling
PAGE: phase-shifted analysis of gene expression
Clusterv: a tool for assessing the reliability of clusters discovered in DNA microarray data
2SNP: scalable phasing based on 2-SNP haplotypes
PATIKAweb: a Web interface for analyzing biological pathways through advanced querying and visualization
SubLoc: a server/client suite for protein subcellular location based on SOAP
PubMed Assistant: a biologist-friendly interface for enhanced PubMed search
REDfly: a Regulatory Element Database for Drosophila