Gene sequence signatures revealed by mining the UniGene affiliation network
Histone acetylation and transcriptional regulation in the genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Quality classification of tandem mass spectrometry data
Application of compression-based distance measures to protein sequence classification: a methodological study
Improved pairwise alignments of proteins in the Twilight Zone using local structure predictions
A hypothesis-based approach for identifying the binding specificity of regulatory proteins from chromatin immunoprecipitation data
Evaluating phylogenetic footprinting for human–rodent comparisons
SoDA: implementation of a 3D alignment algorithm for inference of antigen receptor recombinations
CMfinder—a covariance model based RNA motif finding algorithm
A simple method to predict protein-binding from aligned sequences—application to MHC superfamily and β2-microglobulin
SimShift: Identifying structural similarities from NMR chemical shifts
Survival prediction of diffuse large-B-cell lymphoma based on both clinical and gene expression information
Differential gene expression detection and sample classification using penalized linear regression models
Least absolute regression network analysis of the murine osteoblast differentiation network
MiGenes: a searchable interspecies database of mitochondrial proteins curated using gene ontology annotation
Ridom TraceEdit: a DNA trace editor and viewer
SEAN: SNP prediction and display program utilizing EST sequence clusters
GenoMiner: a tool for genome-wide search of coding and non-coding conserved sequence tags
RNAshapes: an integrated RNA analysis package based on abstract shapes
Multiple Alignment of protein structures and sequences for VMD
EDGE: extraction and analysis of differential gene expression
eQTL Explorer: integrated mining of combined genetic linkage and expression experiments
FLOSS: flexible ordered subset analysis for linkage mapping of complex traits
Systems Biology Toolbox for MATLAB: a computational platform for research in systems biology