Bayesian classifiers for detecting HGT using fixed and variable order markov models of genomic signatures
HideNseek, a post-genome approach to locate transgenes exemplified in Arabidopsis thaliana
IWoCS: analyzing ribosomal intergenic transcribed spacers configuration and taxonomic relationships
A regularized discriminative model for the prediction of protein–peptide interactions
Accurate prediction of HIV-1 drug response from the reverse transcriptase and protease amino acid sequences using sparse models created by convex optimization
Equivalent binding sites reveal convergently evolved interaction motifs
Multidimensional local false discovery rate for microarray studies
Improving missing value estimation in microarray data with gene ontology
Multiple association analysis via simulated annealing (MASSA)
Copying nodes versus editing links: the source of the difference between genetic regulatory networks and the WWW
A multi-step approach to time series analysis and gene expression clustering
BioContrasts: extracting and exploiting protein–protein contrastive relations from biomedical literature
Inferring global levels of alternative splicing isoforms using a generative model of microarray data
Local RNA base pairing probabilities in large sequences
GenomeDiagram: a python package for the visualization of large-scale genomic data
ANDY: a general, fault-tolerant tool for database searching on computer clusters
BioShell—a package of tools for structural biology computations
OPM: Orientations of Proteins in Membranes database
TAMAL: an integrated approach to choosing SNPs for genetic studies of human complex traits
Tools for the SBML Community
VIS-O-BAC: exploratory visualization of functional genome studies from bacteria JAF: reference information and tools for proteomics
MZmine: toolbox for processing and visualization of mass spectrometry based molecular profile data
ORegAnno: an open access database and curation system for literature-derived promoters, transcription factor binding sites and regulatory variation
BuchneraBASE: a post-genomic resource for Buchnera sp. APS