Semantic Mining in Biomedicine (Introduction to the papers selected from the SMBM 2005 Symposium, Hinxton, U.K., April 2005)
Extraction of regulatory gene/protein networks from Medline
Automatic term list generation for entity tagging
Automatic assignment of biomedical categories: toward a generic approach
Automatic extension of Gene Ontology with flexible identification of candidate terms
Haloferax volcanii PitA: an example of functional interaction between the Pfam chlorite dismutase and antibiotic biosynthesis monooxygenase families?
Short fuzzy tandem repeats in genomic sequences, identification, and possible role in regulation of gene expression
A greedier approach for finding tag SNPs
Bioinformatic analysis of exon repetition, exon scrambling and trans-splicing in humans
OrthologID: automation of genome-scale ortholog identification within a parsimony framework
A non-linear optimization procedure to estimate distances and instantaneous substitution rate matrices under the GTR model
In silico sequence evolution with site-specific interactions along phylogenetic trees
Automated discovery of 3D motifs for protein function annotation
Gene network inference from incomplete expression data: transcriptional control of hematopoietic commitment
Bayesian sparse hidden components analysis for transcription regulation networks
Using a state-space model with hidden variables to infer transcription factor activities
Optimized multilayer perceptrons for molecular classification and diagnosis using genomic data
GUUGle: a utility for fast exact matching under RNA complementary rules including G–U base pairing
ChroCoLoc: an application for calculating the probability of co-localization of microarray gene expression
LAMARC 2.0: maximum likelihood and Bayesian estimation of population parameters
Maximum likelihood estimates of allele frequencies and error rates from samples of related individuals by gene counting
SUSPECTS: enabling fast and effective prioritization of positional candidates