MultiLoc: prediction of protein subcellular localization using N-terminal targeting sequences, sequence motifs and amino acid composition
Family specific rates of protein evolution
Memory efficient folding algorithms for circular RNA secondary structures
Thermodynamics of RNA–RNA binding
Generation of 3D templates of active sites of proteins with rigid prosthetic groups
Composite Module Analyst: a fitness-based tool for identification of transcription factor binding site combinations
Planning optimal measurements of isotopomer distributions for estimation of metabolic fluxes†
An ensemble of K-local hyperplanes for predicting protein–protein interactions
Automated classification of alternative splicing and transcriptional initiation and construction of visual database of classified patterns
Refinement of optical map assemblies
Matched-pairs tests of homogeneity with applications to homologous nucleotide sequences
Prediction of HLA-DQ3.2β Ligands: evidence of multiple registers in class II binding peptides
Using mRNAs lengths to accurately predict the alternatively spliced gene products in Caenorhabditis elegans
Avoiding model selection bias in small-sample genomic datasets
A calibration method for estimating absolute expression levels from microarray data
Incorporating biological knowledge into distance-based clustering analysis of microarray gene expression data
CAFE: a computational tool for the study of gene family evolution
SScore: an R package for detecting differential gene expression without gene expression summaries
SBMLToolbox: an SBML toolbox for MATLAB users
ProMAT: protein microarray analysis tool
XQTav: an XQuery processor for Taverna environment
BicAT: a biclustering analysis toolbox
UniSave: the UniProtKB Sequence/Annotation Version database
DRTF: a database of rice transcription factors