Detection of a tandem BRCT in Nbs1 and Xrs2 with functional implications in the DNA damage response
Convergence of the proteomic pattern in cancer
Cyanobacterial response regulator PatA contains a conserved N-terminal domain (PATAN) with an alpha-helical insertion
A generalization of the PST algorithm: modeling the sparse nature of protein sequences
Using hidden Markov models and observed evolution to annotate viral genomes
Analysis of internal loops within the RNA secondary structure in almost quadratic time
Combining multi-species genomic data for microRNA identification using a Naïve Bayes classifier
Predicting protein interaction sites: binding hot-spots in protein–protein and protein–ligand interfaces
A permissive secondary structure-guided superposition tool for clustering of protein fragments toward protein structure prediction via fragment assembly
Prediction of viable circular permutants using a graph theoretic approach
Comparing gene expression networks in a multi-dimensional space to extract similarities and differences between organisms
An effective structure learning method for constructing gene networks
Constructing quantitative models from qualitative mutant phenotypes: preferences in selecting sensory organ precursors
Graph-based analysis and visualization of experimental results with ONDEX
Progressive peak clustering in GC-MS Metabolomic experiments applied to Leishmania parasites
NQ-Flipper: validation and correction of asparagine/glutamine amide rotamers in protein crystal structures
SNAP: Combine and Map modules for multilocus population genetic analysis
ALTree: association detection and localization of susceptibility sites using haplotype phylogenetic trees
PowQ: a user-friendly package for the design of variance component multipoint linkage analysis studies
The SBML ODE Solver Library: a native API for symbolic and fast numerical analysis of reaction networks
HTS-Corrector: software for the statistical analysis and correction of experimental high-throughput screening data