Software patents in Bioinformatics
It is time to end the patenting of software
Gene fusion/fission is a major contributor to evolution of multi-domain bacterial proteins
Global dynamics of biological systems from time-resolved omics experiments
AuberGene—a sensitive genome alignment tool
PseudoPipe: an automated pseudogene identification pipeline
Phylogeny-independent detection of functional residues
GBPM: GRID-based pharmacophore model: concept and application studies to protein–protein recognition
A machine learning information retrieval approach to protein fold recognition
Analysing the ability to retain sidechain hydrogen-bonds in mutant proteins
Unbiased pattern detection in microarray data series
Identifying gene expression changes in breast cancer that distinguish early and late relapse among uncured patients
Construction of null statistics in permutation-based multiple testing for multi-factorial microarray experiments
CASPAR: a hierarchical bayesian approach to predict survival times in cancer from gene expression data
Inferring causal relationships among intermediate phenotypes and biomarkers: a case study of rheumatoid arthritis
A dynamic programming algorithm for binning microbial community profiles
Finding regions of significance in SELDI measurements for identifying protein biomarkers
A fast coarse filtering method for peptide identification by mass spectrometry
FlyTF: a systematic review of site-specific transcription factors in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
GenRGenS: software for generating random genomic sequences and structures
Two Sample Logo: a graphical representation of the differences between two sets of sequence alignments
ArrayCluster: an analytic tool for clustering, data visualization and module finder on gene expression profiles
Pvclust: an R package for assessing the uncertainty in hierarchical clustering