Identifying sequence regions undergoing conformational change via predicted continuum secondary structure
Evolutionary simulations to detect functional lineage-specific genes
INFO-RNA—a fast approach to inverse RNA folding
Application of the multiensemble sampling to the equilibrium folding of proteins
Developing a move-set for protein model refinement
Imprint of evolutionary conservation and protein structure variation on the binding function of protein tyrosine kinases
Independent component analysis-based penalized discriminant method for tumor classification using gene expression data
Scanning microarrays at multiple intensities enhances discovery of differentially expressed genes
Protein classification using probabilistic chain graphs and the Gene Ontology structure
A model diagram layout extension for SBML
Transcriptome network component analysis with limited microarray data
Spatial stochastic modelling of the phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent phosphotransferase (PTS) pathway in Escherichia coli
A suite of algorithms for the comprehensive analysis of complex protein mixtures using high-resolution LC-MS
caGrid: design and implementation of the core architecture of the cancer biomedical informatics grid
tuple_plot: Fast pairwise nucleotide sequence comparison with noise suppression
ACE-it: a tool for genome-wide integration of gene dosage and RNA expression data
NETGEN: generating phylogenetic networks with diploid hybrids
Comparative gene marker selection suite
JADE: a distributed Java application for deleterious genomic mutation (DGM) estimation
SNPStats: a web tool for the analysis of association studies
Metatool 5.0: fast and flexible elementary modes analysis