Improved peak detection in mass spectrum by incorporating continuous wavelet transform-based pattern matching
VAMP: Visualization and analysis of array-CGH, transcriptome and other molecular profiles
Searching RNA motifs and their intermolecular contacts with constraint networks
An initial strategy for comparing proteins at the domain architecture level
An iterative refinement algorithm for consistency based multiple structural alignment methods
Intramolecular surface contacts contain information about protein–protein interface regions
Mutagenic probability estimation of chemical compounds by a novel molecular electrophilicity vector and support vector machine
Probe-level measurement error improves accuracy in detecting differential gene expression
Detecting potential labeling errors in microarrays by data perturbation
A whole genome long-range haplotype (WGLRH) test for detecting imprints of positive selection in human populations
Inferring gene regulatory networks from time series data using the minimum description length principle
Substring selection for biomedical document classification
Constructing biological networks through combined literature mining and microarray analysis: a LMMA approach
Combination of text-mining algorithms increases the performance
Branch and bound computation of exact p-values
Cleaver: software for identifying taxon specific restriction endonuclease recognition sites
SeqVis: Visualization of compositional heterogeneity in large alignments of nucleotides
MAGOS: multiple alignment and modelling server
VISTAL—a new 2D visualization tool of protein 3D structural alignments
Ribostral: an RNA 3D alignment analyzer and viewer based on basepair isostericities
THESEUS: maximum likelihood superpositioning and analysis of macromolecular structures
Parallel multifactor dimensionality reduction: a tool for the large-scale analysis of gene–gene interactions
NetAlign: a web-based tool for comparison of protein interaction networks
GenePro: a cytoscape plug-in for advanced visualization and analysis of interaction networks
ZooDDD: a cross-species database for digital differential display analysis
SNPeffect v2.0: a new step in investigating the molecular phenotypic effects of human non-synonymous SNPs