The-more-the-better and the-less-the-better
G8: a novel domain associated with polycystic kidney disease and non-syndromic hearing loss
Scoring of predicted GRK2 phosphorylation sites in Nedd4-2
Interpolated variable order motifs for identification of horizontally acquired DNA: revisiting the Salmonella pathogenicity islands
Predicting methylation status of CpG islands in the human brain
A mixture model-based discriminate analysis for identifying ordered transcription factor binding site pairs in gene promoters directly regulated by estrogen receptor-α
Finding motifs from all sequences with and without binding sites
Remote homology detection based on oligomer distances
RBR: library-less repeat detection for ESTs
Identification of function-associated loop motifs and application to protein function prediction
To permute or not to permute
ADGO: analysis of differentially expressed gene sets using composite GO annotation
CART variance stabilization and regularization for high-throughput genomic data
Bayesian variable selection for the analysis of microarray data with censored outcomes
PACK: Profile Analysis using Clustering and Kurtosis to find molecular classifiers in cancer
Identification of transcription factor cooperativity via stochastic system model
Detecting functional modules in the yeast protein–protein interaction network
Global topological features of cancer proteins in the human interactome
Text similarity: an alternative way to search MEDLINE
arrayQCplot: software for checking the quality of microarray data
SynView: a GBrowse-compatible approach to visualizing comparative genome data
Dragon Promoter Mapper (DPM): a Bayesian framework for modelling promoter structures
Serial NetEvolve: a flexible utility for generating serially-sampled sequences along a tree or recombinant network
OrderedList—a bioconductor package for detecting similarity in ordered gene lists
GeneRecon—a coalescent based tool for fine-scale association mapping