Structural genomics meets computational biology
Prediction of mRNA polyadenylation sites by support vector machine
ARCS: an aggregated related column scoring scheme for aligned sequences
A novel structure-based encoding for machine-learning applied to the inference of SH3 domain specificity
Solvated docking: introducing water into the modelling of biomolecular complexes
Gene selection in cancer classification using sparse logistic regression with Bayesian regularization
Reliable gene signatures for microarray classification: assessment of stability and performance
Partition resampling and extrapolation averaging: approximation methods for quantifying gene expression in large numbers of short oligonucleotide arrays
A multivariate approach for integrating genome-wide expression data and biological knowledge
Joint estimation of calibration and expression for high-density oligonucleotide arrays
Semi-supervised learning via penalized mixture model with application to microarray sample classification
Simultaneous identification of differential gene expression and connectivity in inflammation, adipogenesis and cancer
Evaluation and comparison of gene clustering methods in microarray analysis
Inferring gene regulatory networks from multiple microarray datasets
Bio-Ontology and text: bridging the modeling gap
What should be expected from feature selection in small-sample settings
PROBER: oligonucleotide FISH probe design software
APDB: a web server to evaluate the accuracy of sequence alignments using structural information
JVirGel 2.0: computational prediction of proteomes separated via two-dimensional gel electrophoresis under consideration of membrane and secreted proteins
ALIBABA: PubMed as a graph
Comments on ‘Bayesian hierarchical error model for analysis of gene expression data’
Comments on ‘Bayesian hierarchical error model for analysis of gene expression data’