Eicosapentapeptide repeats (EPRs): novel repeat proteins specific to flowering plants
SANTA domain: a novel conserved protein module in Eukaryota with potential involvement in chromatin regulation
ARFA: a program for annotating bacterial release factor genes, including prediction of programmed ribosomal frameshifting
Bayesian search of functionally divergent protein subgroups and their function specific residues
A large quantity of novel human antisense transcripts detected by LongSAGE
Mining frequent stem patterns from unaligned RNA sequences
Partial correlation coefficient between distance matrices as a new indicator of protein–protein interactions
Robust inference of positive selection from recombining coding sequences
Group testing for pathway analysis improves comparability of different microarray datasets
The ties problem resulting from counting-based error estimators and its impact on gene selection algorithms
Meta-analysis based on control of false discovery rate: combining yeast ChIP-chip datasets
Comparative evaluation of reverse engineering gene regulatory networks with relevance networks, graphical gaussian models and bayesian networks
Local similarity analysis reveals unique associations among marine bacterioplankton species and environmental factors
Few crucial links assure checkpoint efficiency in the yeast cell-cycle network
Variance stabilization and normalization for one-color microarray data using a data-driven multiscale approach
MASQOT-GUI: spot quality assessment for the two-channel microarray platform
Nemo: an evolutionary and population genetics programming framework
MLR-tagging: informative SNP selection for unphased genotypes based on multiple linear regression
HiRes—a tool for comprehensive assessment and interpretation of metabolomic data
PYCHEM: a multivariate analysis package for python
OSIRIS: a tool for retrieving literature about sequence variants
UniGene Tabulator: a full parser for the UniGene format
IndexToolkit: an open source toolbox to index protein databases for high-throughput proteomics
Hierarchical classification of hydrolases catalytic sites
Sebida: a database for the functional and evolutionary analysis of genes with sex-biased expression