The HicAB cassette, a putative novel, RNA-targeting toxin-antitoxin system in archaea and bacteria
Significant sequence similarities in promoters and precursors of Arabidopsis thaliana non-conserved microRNAs
PSoL: a positive sample only learning algorithm for finding non-coding RNA genes
Weighted quality estimates in machine learning
Maximum likelihood of phylogenetic networks
DOCKGROUND resource for studying protein–protein interfaces
Anisotropic network model: systematic evaluation and a new web interface
A new representation for protein secondary structure prediction based on frequent patterns
Eigengene-based linear discriminant model for tumor classification using gene expression microarray data
Survival analysis of longitudinal microarrays
MARD: a new method to detect differential gene expression in treatment-control time courses
A locally adaptive statistical procedure (LAP) to identify differentially expressed chromosomal regions
Targeted projection pursuit for visualizing gene expression data classifications
Systematic component selection for gene-network refinement
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithm based metabolic flux distribution analysis on Corynebacterium glutamicum
RAxML-VI-HPC: maximum likelihood-based phylogenetic analyses with thousands of taxa and mixed models
MMM: a sequence-to-structure alignment protocol
iFold: a platform for interactive folding simulations of proteins
Bio3d: an R package for the comparative analysis of protein structures
ArrayFusion: a web application for multi-dimensional analysis of CGH, SNP and microarray data
An application for assessing quality of RNA hybridized to Affymetrix GeneChips
TESD: a transposable element dynamics simulation environment
SBML-PET: a Systems Biology Markup Language-based parameter estimation tool
SEBINI: Software Environment for BIological Network Inference
Tropical—parameter estimation and simulation of reaction–diffusion models based on spatio-temporal microscopy images