DUF283 domain of Dicer proteins has a double-stranded RNA-binding fold
Probalign: multiple sequence alignment using partition function posterior probabilities
PromoterExplorer: an effective promoter identification method based on the AdaBoost algorithm
Predicting the insurgence of human genetic diseases associated to single point protein mutations with support vector machines and evolutionary information
Helix Interaction Tool (HIT): a web-based tool for analysis of helix-helix interactions in proteins
Regression analysis for comparing protein samples with 16O/18O stable-isotope labeled mass spectrometry
Protein–RNA interactions: exploring binding patterns with a three-dimensional superposition analysis of high resolution structures
Support vector machine learning from heterogeneous data: an empirical analysis using protein sequence and structure
Peptide length-based prediction of peptide–MHC class II binding
Hierarchical and multi-resolution representation of protein flexibility
Probabilistic inference of transcription factor concentrations and gene-specific regulatory activities
Dynamic partitioning for hybrid simulation of the bistable HIV-1 transactivation network
Synthetic biology—putting engineering into biology
Discovering disease-genes by topological features in human protein–protein interaction network
Software for dynamic analysis of tracer-based metabolomic data: estimation of metabolic fluxes and their statistical analysis
ADAM: another database of abbreviations in MEDLINE
Augur—a computational pipeline for whole genome microbial surface protein prediction and classification
CAPS: coevolution analysis using protein sequences
Clearcut: a fast implementation of relaxed neighbor joining
RankProd: a bioconductor package for detecting differentially expressed genes in meta-analysis
Model-based boosting in high dimensions
General framework for developing and evaluating database scoring algorithms using the TANDEM search engine
SCAssign: a sparky extension for the NMR resonance assignment of aliphatic side-chains of uniformly 13C,15N-labeled large proteins
SPEED: a molecular-evolution-based database of mammalian orthologous groups
Integration of gel-based proteome data with pProRep