In silico identification of putative metal binding motifs
An RNA conformational shift in recent H5N1 influenza A viruses
A predictive model for identifying proteins by a single peptide match
Genomic sweeping for hypermethylated genes
Indelign: a probabilistic framework for annotation of insertions and deletions in a multiple alignment
Integrating transcription factor binding site information with gene expression datasets
Extensions to gene set enrichment
Functional genomics via multiscale analysis: application to gene expression and ChIP-on-chip data
A distribution free summarization method for Affymetrix GeneChip® arrays
Flexible empirical Bayes models for differential gene expression
Qualitatively modelling and analysing genetic regulatory networks: a Petri net approach
Dynamic exploration and editing of KEGG pathway diagrams
Bayesian-based selection of metabolic objective functions
Quantitative performance metrics for robustness in circadian rhythms
RelEx—Relation extraction using dependency parse trees
PartTree: an algorithm to build an approximate tree from a large number of unaligned sequences
Crystallographic protein model-building on the web
NvMap: automated analysis of NMR chemical shift perturbation data
ARIA2: Automated NOE assignment and data integration in NMR structure calculation
SChiSM2: creating interactive web page annotations of molecular structure models using Jmol
K-Fold: a tool for the prediction of the protein folding kinetic order and rate
Mosclust: a software library for discovering significant structures in bio-molecular data
Prophet, a web-based tool for class prediction using microarray data
BioNetBuilder: automatic integration of biological networks
GOlorize: a Cytoscape plug-in for network visualization with Gene Ontology-based layout and coloring
SNP2NMD: A database of human single nucleotide polymorphisms causing nonsense-mediated mRNA decay