A faster circular binary segmentation algorithm for the analysis of array CGH data
Deleterious SNP prediction: be mindful of your training data!
Identifying bacterial genes and endosymbiont DNA with Glimmer
A 3D pattern matching algorithm for DNA sequences
An efficient, versatile and scalable pattern growth approach to mine frequent patterns in unaligned protein sequences
Quaternionic periodicity transform: an algebraic solution to the tandem repeat detection problem
On the derivation of propensity scales for predicting exposed transmembrane residues of helical membrane proteins
LFM-Pro: a tool for detecting significant local structural sites in proteins‡
On the relationship between sequence and structure similarities in proteomics
Hardware acceleration of processing of mass spectrometric data for proteomics
Genomic characterization of multiple clinical phenotypes of cancer using multivariate linear regression models
Quick calculation for sample size while controlling false discovery rate with application to microarray analysis
An ensemble approach to microarray data-based gene prioritization after missing value imputation
Inferring pairwise regulatory relationships from multiple time series datasets
TreeQ-VISTA: an interactive tree visualization tool with functional annotation query capabilities
SatDNA Analyzer: a computing tool for satellite-DNA evolutionary analysis
Biskit—A software platform for structural bioinformatics
CoCo: a web application to display, store and curate ChIP-on-chip data integrated with diverse types of gene expression data
snp.plotter: an R-based SNP/haplotype association and linkage disequilibrium plotting package
SGN Sim, a Stochastic Genetic Networks Simulator
DataBiNS: a BioMoby-based data-mining workflow for biological pathways and non-synonymous SNPs
AphidBase: a database for aphid genomic resources