Large scale genotype–phenotype correlation analysis based on phylogenetic trees
A simple shape characteristic of protein–protein recognition
PhyloGena—a user-friendly system for automated phylogenetic annotation of unknown sequences
PROMALS: towards accurate multiple sequence alignments of distantly related proteins
SCOOP: a simple method for identification of novel protein superfamily relationships
Assessment of phylogenomic and orthology approaches for phylogenetic inference
A simulation test bed for hypotheses of genome evolution
Assessment of the probabilities for evolutionary structural changes in protein folds
A hidden Markov model-based approach for identifying timing differences in gene expression under different experimental factors
Gene expression network analysis and applications to immunology
Functional evaluation of domain–domain interactions and human protein interaction networks
Boolean dynamics of genetic regulatory networks inferred from microarray time series data
Robustness analysis of the E.coli chemosensory system to perturbations in chemoattractant concentrations
A new versatile database created for geneticists and breeders to link molecular and phenotypic data in perennial crops: the AppleBreed DataBase
CGHcall: calling aberrations for array CGH tumor profiles
NetPhosYeast: prediction of protein phosphorylation sites in yeast
COPYCAT: cophylogenetic analysis tool
DFprot: a webtool for predicting local chain deformability
Automatic correspondence of tags and genes (ACTG): a tool for the analysis of SAGE, MPSS and SBS data
Enabling high-throughput data management for systems biology: The Bioinformatics Resource Manager
NetMatch: a Cytoscape plugin for searching biological networks
Ontology development for biological systems: immunology