Simulating psoriasis by altering transit amplifying cells
A sequential Monte Carlo EM approach to the transcription factor binding site identification problem
De novo SVM classification of precursor microRNAs from genomic pseudo hairpins using global and intrinsic folding measures
Searching for three-dimensional secondary structural patterns in proteins with ProSMoS
Modeling nonlinearity in dilution design microarray data
Quantitating tissue specificity of human genes to facilitate biomarker discovery
Extending the pathway analysis framework with a test for transcriptional variance implicates novel pathway modulation during myogenic differentiation
Classification based upon gene expression data: bias and precision of error rates
Simulating Epstein-Barr virus infection with C-ImmSim
From structure to dynamics of metabolic pathways: application to the plant mitochondrial TCA cycle
Nested Containment List (NCList): a new algorithm for accelerating interval query of genome alignment and interval databases
Data reduction of isotope-resolved LC-MS spectra
Regression analysis and modelling of data acquisition for SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry
SherLoc: high-accuracy prediction of protein subcellular localization by integrating text and protein sequence data
MedicCyc: a biochemical pathway database for Medicago truncatula
Unsupervised segmentation of continuous genomic data
Ngila: global pairwise alignments with logarithmic and affine gap costs
PROTMAP2D: visualization, comparison and analysis of 2D maps of protein structure
IlluminaGUI: Graphical User Interface for analyzing gene expression data generated on the Illumina platform
uBioRSS: Tracking taxonomic literature using RSS
BioDownloader: bioinformatics downloads and updates in a few clicks