Finding cis-regulatory modules in Drosophila using phylogenetic hidden Markov models
Classification of small molecules by two- and three-dimensional decomposition kernels
POODLE-L: a two-level SVM prediction system for reliably predicting long disordered regions
Boltzmann probability of RNA structural neighbors and riboswitch detection
Statistical assessment of functional categories of genes deregulated in pathological conditions by using microarray data
A global approach to identify differentially expressed genes in cDNA (two-color) microarray experiments
Predicting survival from microarray data—a comparative study
Characterization of mismatch and high-signal intensity probes associated with Affymetrix genechips
Systematic construction of gene coexpression networks with applications to human T helper cell differentiation process
Significance analysis of groups of genes in expression profiling studies
Evaporative cooling feature selection for genotypic data involving interactions
Edge-based scoring and searching method for identifying condition-responsive protein–protein interaction sub-network
The commonality of protein interaction networks determined in neurodegenerative disorders (NDDs)
Constraint-based functional similarity of metabolic genes: going beyond network topology†
Visualization-based cancer microarray data classification analysis
PowerCore: a program applying the advanced M strategy with a heuristic search for establishing core sets
Total ancestry measure: quantifying the similarity in tree-like classification, with genomic applications
PIP: a database of potential intron polymorphism markers
Alvira: comparative genomics of viral strains
OMA Browser—Exploring orthologous relations across 352 complete genomes
beadarray: R classes and methods for Illumina bead-based data
Web-based GeneChip analysis system for large-scale collaborative projects
MareyMap: an R-based tool with graphical interface for estimating recombination rates
HaploBuild: an algorithm to construct non-contiguous associated haplotypes in family based genetic studies
The MiSink Plugin: Cytoscape as a graphical interface to the Database of Interacting Proteins
BioText Search Engine: beyond abstract search
OBO-Edit—an ontology editor for biologists