Interaction-site prediction for protein complexes: a critical assessment
Probability-based pattern recognition and statistical framework for randomization: modeling tandem mass spectrum/peptide sequence false match frequencies
Identification of amyloid fibril-forming segments based on structure and residue-based statistical potential
Prediction of Ras-effector interactions using position energy matrices
Different packing of external residues can explain differences in the thermostability of proteins from thermophilic and mesophilic organisms
Associating quantitative behavioral traits with gene expression in the brain: searching for diamonds in the hay
Penalized and weighted K-means for clustering with scattered objects and prior information in high-throughput biological data
Annotation-based distance measures for patient subgroup discovery in clinical microarray studies
Improving gene quantification by adjustable spot-image restoration
Identification of aberrant chromosomal regions from gene expression microarray studies applied to human breast cancer
Detection of potential enzyme targets by metabolic modelling and optimization: Application to a simple enzymopathy
Detection of eQTL modules mediated by activity levels of transcription factors
Multivariate correlation estimator for inferring functional relationships from replicated genome-wide data
A novel non-overlapping bi-clustering algorithm for network generation using living cell array data
A statistical approach using network structure in the prediction of protein characteristics
Context-sensitive data integration and prediction of biological networks
QPRIMER: a quick web-based application for designing conserved PCR primers from multigenome alignments
ViroBLAST: a stand-alone BLAST web server for flexible queries of multiple databases and user's datasets
POODLE-S: web application for predicting protein disorder by using physicochemical features and reduced amino acid set of a position-specific scoring matrix
MAnGO: an interactive R-based tool for two-colour microarray analysis
BiVisu: software tool for bicluster detection and visualization
structureViz: linking Cytoscape and UCSF Chimera
ChemDB update—full-text search and virtual chemical space