A review of feature selection techniques in bioinformatics
FIST: a sensory domain for diverse signal transduction pathways in prokaryotes and ubiquitin signaling in eukaryotes
Comparative modeling without implicit sequence alignments
Improved model-based, platform-independent feature extraction for mass spectrometry
Protein solubility: sequence based prediction and experimental verification
Polyketide synthase genes and the natural products potential of Dictyostelium discoideum
PhylArray: phylogenetic probe design algorithm for microarray
Comparative protein structure modeling by combining multiple templates and optimizing sequence-to-structure alignments
Short oligonucleotide probes containing G-stacks display abnormal binding affinity on Affymetrix microarrays
Query-driven module discovery in microarray data
Simulating association studies: a data-based resampling method for candidate regions or whole genome scans
Log-linear model-based multifactor dimensionality reduction method to detect gene–gene interactions
Bayesian inference for dynamic transcriptional regulation; the Hes1 system as a case study
Exploring biological network structure using exponential random graph models
Data-based identifiability analysis of non-linear dynamical models
dPattern: transcription factor binding site (TFBS) discovery in human genome using a discriminative pattern analysis
THOR: targeted high-throughput ortholog reconstructor
Wordom: a program for efficient analysis of molecular dynamics simulations
Consensus Data Mining (CDM) Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Server: Combining GOR V and Fragment Database Mining (FDM)
Eu.Gene Analyzer a tool for integrating gene expression data with pathway databases
TASSEL: software for association mapping of complex traits in diverse samples
pIPHULA—parallel inference of population parameters using a likelihood approach
PLMaddon: a power-law module for the Matlab™ SBToolbox
VisGenome: visualization of single and comparative genome representations
AssociationDB: web-based exploration of genomic association
Flavitrack: an annotated database of flavivirus sequences
DNA reference alignment benchmarks based on tertiary structure of encoded proteins