Optimization of primer design for the detection of variable genomic lesions in cancer
A novel knowledge-based approach to design inorganic-binding peptides
OSCAR: One-class SVM for accurate recognition of cis-elements
Minimizing the overlap problem in protein NMR: a computational framework for precision amino acid labeling
Modeling protein loops with knowledge-based prediction of sequence-structure alignment
PFRES: protein fold classification by using evolutionary information and predicted secondary structure
Creating protein models from electron-density maps using particle-filtering methods
An improved algorithm for clustering gene expression data
Feature construction from synergic pairs to improve microarray-based classification
Systematic order-dependent effect in expression values, variance, detection calls and differential expression in Affymetrix GeneChips®
Moderated statistical tests for assessing differences in tag abundance
Graph-based consensus clustering for class discovery from gene expression data
I/NI-calls for the exclusion of non-informative genes: a highly effective filtering tool for microarray data
Extracting three-way gene interactions from microarray data
Evaluation and integration of 49 genome-wide experiments and the prediction of previously unknown obesity-related genes
Accurate prediction of deleterious protein kinase polymorphisms
2D NMR metabonomic analysis: a novel method for automated peak alignment
Construction of an open-access database that integrates cross-reference information from the transcriptome and proteome of immune cells
Extending assembly of short DNA sequences to handle error
Idiographica: a general-purpose web application to build idiograms on-demand for human, mouse and rat
Clustal W and Clustal X version 2.0
Improved BLAST searches using longer words for protein seeding
CTree: comparison of clusters between phylogenetic trees made easy
The K tree score: quantification of differences in the relative branch length and topology of phylogenetic trees
CREx: inferring genomic rearrangements based on common intervals
RAGPOOLS: RNA-As-Graph-Pools—a web server for assisting the design of structured RNA pools for in vitro selection