Modeling the adaptive immune system: predictions and simulations
Low folding propensity and high translation efficiency distinguish in vivo substrates of GroEL from other Escherichia coli proteins
Detecting high-order interactions of single nucleotide polymorphisms using genetic programming
Biclustering as a method for RNA local multiple sequence alignment
A computational strategy for the prediction of functional linear peptide motifs in proteins
MASTR: multiple alignment and structure prediction of non-coding RNAs using simulated annealing
Co-evolving residues in membrane proteins
Support Vector Machine-based classification of protein folds using the structural properties of amino acid residues and amino acid residue pairs
Electronically subtracting expression patterns from a mixed cell population
Hierarchical tree snipping: clustering guided by prior knowledge
Unsupervised feature selection under perturbations: meeting the challenges of biological data
Optimization of HAART with genetic algorithms and agent-based models of HIV infection
Efficient parameter estimation for spatio-temporal models of pattern formation: case study of Drosophila melanogaster
An efficient strategy for extensive integration of diverse biological data for protein function prediction
Boosting multiclass learning with repeating codes and weak detectors for protein subcellular localization
PfamAlyzer: domain-centric homology search
TreeSnatcher: coding trees from images
meta-PPISP: a meta web server for protein-protein interaction site prediction
DIA-MCIS: an importance sampling network randomizer for network motif discovery and other topological observables in transcription networks
EGEETomo: a user-friendly, fault-tolerant and grid-enabled application for 3D reconstruction in electron tomography
TandTRAQ: an open-source tool for integrated protein identification and quantitation
InterProSurf: a web server for predicting interacting sites on protein surfaces
Identification and visualization of cage-shaped proteins
XtalPred: a web server for prediction of protein crystallizability
oneChannelGUI: a graphical interface to Bioconductor tools, designed for life scientists who are not familiar with R language
CellLine, a stochastic cell lineage simulator
Möbius: an integrated discrete-event modeling environment