MANTIS: a phylogenetic framework for multi-species genome comparisons
SnoReport: computational identification of snoRNAs with unknown targets
Identification of phylogenetically conserved microRNA cis-regulatory elements across 12 Drosophila species
ARWEN: a program to detect tRNA genes in metazoan mitochondrial nucleotide sequences
Analysis of a Gibbs sampler method for model-based clustering of gene expression data
Clustering of change patterns using Fourier coefficients
Identification of differentially expressed gene categories in microarray studies using nonparametric multivariate analysis
A hierarchical statistical model to assess the confidence of peptides and proteins inferred from tandem mass spectrometry
Petri net-based method for the analysis of the dynamics of signal propagation in signaling pathways
Estimating node degree in bait-prey graphs
Genome scale enzyme–metabolite and drug–target interaction predictions using the signature molecular descriptor
Straightening Caenorhabditis elegans images
Déjà vu—A study of duplicate citations in Medline
Probabilistic path ranking based on adjacent pairwise coexpression for metabolic transcripts analysis
Algebraic stability indicators for ranked lists in molecular profiling
Gaining confidence in biological interpretation of the microarray data: the functional consistence of the significant GO categories
Fast protein fold estimation from NMR-derived distance restraints
RReportGenerator: automatic reports from routine statistical analysis using R
PedVizApi: a Java API for the interactive, visual analysis of extended pedigrees
Computing topological parameters of biological networks
The SBML discrete stochastic models test suite
Automated manipulation of systems biology models using libSBML within Taverna workflows
An integrated system for studying residue coevolution in proteins
NET-SYNTHESIS: a software for synthesis, inference and simplification of signal transduction networks
Text processing through Web services: calling Whatizit
Automatic synchronization and distribution of biological databases and software over low-bandwidth networks among developing countries