Putative promoter regions of miRNA genes involved in evolutionarily conserved regulatory systems among vertebrates
Sparse representation and Bayesian detection of genome copy number alterations from microarray data
Choosing BLAST options for better detection of orthologs as reciprocal best hits
Prediction of both conserved and nonconserved microRNA targets in animals
Mutual information without the influence of phylogeny or entropy dramatically improves residue contact prediction
TFBS identification based on genetic algorithm with combined representations and adaptive post-processing
Natural similarity measures between position frequency matrices with an application to clustering
Efficient peptide–MHC-I binding prediction for alleles with few known binders
Rfold: an exact algorithm for computing local base pairing probabilities
A comparison of meta-analysis methods for detecting differentially expressed genes in microarray experiments
A new algorithm for cluster analysis of genomic methylation: the Helicobacter pylori case
Successful anti-cancer drug targets able to pass FDA review demonstrate the identifiable signature distinct from the signatures of random genes and initially proposed targets
Model-based deconvolution of genome-wide DNA binding
Incorporating gene networks into statistical tests for genomic data via a spatially correlated mixture model
Hybrid huberized support vector machines for microarray classification and gene selection
GEAR: genomic enrichment analysis of regional DNA copy number changes
The SGN comparative map viewer
BAGET: a web server for the effortless retrieval of prokaryotic gene context and sequence
A note on difficult structure alignment problems
TOM: enhancement and extension of a tool suite for in silico approaches to multigenic hereditary disorders
TimeClust: a clustering tool for gene expression time series
affyGG: computational protocols for genetical genomics with Affymetrix arrays
Association studies for untyped markers with TUNA
ZFIQ: a software package for zebrafish biology
MutaGeneSys: estimating individual disease susceptibility based on genome-wide SNP array data
OBO Explorer: an editor for open biomedical ontologies in OWL
ConoServer, a database for conopeptide sequences and structures
COMPARE, a multi-organism system for cross-species data comparison and transfer of information
Automated programming for bioinformatics algorithm deployment