Discovery of candidate KEN-box motifs using Cell Cycle keyword enrichment combined with native disorder prediction and motif conservation
BEN: a novel domain in chromatin factors and DNA viral proteins
Figaro: a novel statistical method for vector sequence removal
A novel genome-scale repeat finder geared towards transposons
Precise score for the prediction of peptides cleaved by the proteasome
A hybrid model for robust detection of transcription factor binding sites
PRALINE™: a strategy for improved multiple alignment of transmembrane proteins
Predicting disulfide bond connectivity in proteins by correlated mutations analysis
Bioinformatics models for predicting antigenic variants of influenza A/H3N2 virus
TMBpro: secondary structure, β-contact and tertiary structure prediction of transmembrane β-barrel proteins
Structural flexibility in proteins: impact of the crystal environment
Pinnacle: a fast, automatic and accurate method for detecting and quantifying protein spots in 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis data
Multiple testing on the directed acyclic graph of gene ontology
Statistical methods to infer cooperative binding among transcription factors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Structural systems identification of genetic regulatory networks
Reconstruction of genetic association networks from microarray data: a partial least squares approach
Improved recognition of figures containing fluorescence microscope images in online journal articles using graphical models
FAST: Fourier transform based algorithms for significance testing of ungapped multiple alignments
Colorstock, SScolor, Ratón: RNA alignment visualization tools
AWTY (are we there yet?): a system for graphical exploration of MCMC convergence in Bayesian phylogenetics
Utility library for structural bioinformatics
The ModFOLD server for the quality assessment of protein structural models
KEGGanim: pathway animations for high-throughput data
DECOMP—from interpreting Mass Spectrometry peaks to solving the Money Changing Problem
NetworkBLAST: comparative analysis of protein networks