Integrative analysis reveals the direct and indirect interactions between DNA copy number aberrations and gene expression changes
The effect of sequence quality on sequence alignment
ParCrys: a Parzen window density estimation approach to protein crystallization propensity prediction
Tracing evolutionary pressure
Prediction of recursive convex hull class assignments for protein residues
A comprehensive assessment of sequence-based and template-based methods for protein contact prediction
Statistical inference of transcriptional module-based gene networks from time course gene expression profiles by using state space models
Bayesian models based on test statistics for multiple hypothesis testing problems
Automated image alignment for 2D gel electrophoresis in a high-throughput proteomics pipeline
Identifying trait clusters by linkage profiles: application in genetical genomics
Tree-guided Bayesian inference of population structures
Disease association tests by inferring ancestral haplotypes using a hidden markov model
From pull-down data to protein interaction networks and complexes with biological relevance
Quantitative analysis of robustness and fragility in biological networks based on feedback dynamics
Detecting hierarchical structure in molecular characteristics of disease using transitive approximations of directed graphs
Statistical search on the Semantic Web
PGMapper: a web-based tool linking phenotype to genes
CGHweb: a tool for comparing DNA copy number segmentations from multiple algorithms
SubSeqer: a graph-based approach for the detection and identification of repetitive elements in low-complexity sequences
PCCA: a program for phylogenetic canonical correlation analysis
DeconMSn: a software tool for accurate parent ion monoisotopic mass determination for tandem mass spectra
FTFD: an informatics pipeline supporting phylogenomic analysis of fungal transcription factors
GOTreePlus: an interactive gene ontology browser
Comment on causality and pathway search in microarray time series experiment
Comment on causality and pathway search in microarray time series experiment