W-AlignACE: an improved Gibbs sampling algorithm based on more accurate position weight matrices learned from sequence and gene expression/ChIP-chip data
A nearest neighbor approach for automated transporter prediction and categorization from protein sequences
3D-Garden: a system for modelling protein–protein complexes based on conformational refinement of ensembles generated with the marching cubes algorithm
Optimizing the size of the sequence profiles to increase the accuracy of protein sequence alignments generated by profile–profile algorithms
Merging two gene-expression studies via cross-platform normalization
An analytical pipeline for genomic representations used for cytosine methylation studies
Unequal group variances in microarray data analyses
Network-constrained regularization and variable selection for analysis of genomic data
A pattern recognition approach to infer time-lagged genetic interactions
Bayesian inference of the sites of perturbations in metabolic pathways via Markov chain Monte Carlo
Biological sequence classification utilizing positive and unlabeled data
Visualization of unfavorable interactions in protein folds
ChIPCodis: mining complex regulatory systems in yeast by concurrent enrichment analysis of chip-on-chip data
Celestial3D: a novel method for 3D visualization of familial data
BicOverlapper: A tool for bicluster visualization
GlycoBase and autoGU: tools for HPLC-based glycan analysis
PlasmoGF: an integrated system for comparative genomics and phylogenetic analysis of Plasmodium gene families
Integrating ARC grid middleware with Taverna workflows